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Real Estate Coaching Tip | Days On Market | LinkedIn


In this real estate coaching tip we will look at how many days a home is on the market before it sells. LinkedIn posted the following article which shows the average days on market for US homes. Local sold figures can be higher than the national average.

Real estate professionals often list a home for 180 days.  Could the seller’s home be coming off the market just when it is about to sell?  Will the listing expire and no longer be visible on the internet right when a buyer might be ready to make an offer on the home?


Real Estate Coaching Tip:


Check your local MLS stats.  What is the average days on market in your local area?  Next, go a step further and check by neighborhood.  You will find some neighborhoods have average days on market (DOM) of 365 days!

The question is, what is in your clients best interest?   Should you take the listing for 180 days if 185 is the average days on market? 

Top Producers check the number of days on market and may list a home for up to a year depending on the average days on market.

Thanks go to LinkedIn and Zillow for posting this valuable real estate housing news article.

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Agent Assisted Sales Up – FSBO Sales Down

This chart posted on’s blog – Economists Outlook, shows that agent assisted sales are up while FSBO sales are down. The percentage of FSBO sales dropped to 9% in 2010 with an average of 5% of those FSBOs having known the purchaser they sold to. This makes the odds of selling a home by owner and finding a new buyer a difficult task for today’s home sellers.


Here is the chart to share and a link to the original post.


FSBO vs Real Estate Agent Sold
FSBO vs Real Estate Agent Sold




The complexity of today’s sales which include short sales, mortgage restrictions, and foreclosures may be a contributing factor to less FSBO sales closing. Agent assisted sales are up to 88% and 3% of sales are in the “other” category.


Coaching Tip:
Be persistent when offering to help FSBOs sell their home. The longer a home is on the market the less the seller usually will net in his pocket. Help sellers make good decisions such as pricing right and listing with a Realtor.


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The Housing Crisis – Buy Now Or Wait ?



This video will help real estate buyers decide if it is best to buy now or wait. Feel free to share the video with your real estate buyers to help them decide if they should buy now or wait.


Should you buy a home now or you should wait? I’m using the giveaway that comes with a book called Shift. A lot of real estate agents have read this book and can help you decide whether to buy now or wait.

They will ask buyers questions and work the numbers for you as to whether you are downsizing or upgrading. The market has changed. Many home buyers do not realize that the housing crisis may no longer exist in their area.
Be sure to contact your local trusted real estate agent to find out if you should buy a house or wait. Your best bet is to meet your agent in person for at least a 20 minute question and answer session. This can save home buyers lots of time and money.
A great agent will not just prequalify you for finances. They will find out if you have a house to sell and if you should buy now or wait until your house sells. Not doing this in the right order when purchasing can cost buyers thousands of dollars.
A real estate agent usually does not charge for a buyer consultation. Take the opportunity to contact an agent and ask if they would do a complimentary buyer consultation for you today.


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