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Top Producer Group Certified Real Estate Marketing Expert

Top Producer Group Certified Real Estate Marketing Expert



Top Producer Group Certified Real Estate Marketing Expert members are devoted to a shared vision of putting customers first. Every customer across the globe must feel heard and be responded to instantly using new systems, strategies, and marketing tools.

Whether you are an experienced seller listing a $10,000,000 luxury property, a seasoned investor, or a young buyer looking for your first home, this group will put you first and get the job done.

Top Producer Group Certified Real Estate Marketing Expert Agents have implemented all top 10 systems during rigorous training. This unique set of integrated technology skills gives you the edge.



First, agents create websites that put buyers first.

 “Agents optimize all pages for SEO & PPC to find buyers.”


Top Producer Group Certified Online Marketing ExpertCertified Marketing Experts must build an advanced real estate website on a framework utilizing on average of eight times higher lead conversion techniques than standard websites.


Next, add systems to communicate with buyers and sellers.

“Weekly custom buyer follow up for at least 2 years.”

Top Producer Group Certified Communication ExpertAgents create landing pages for communication tools and worldwide exposure of seller’s listings and maximum exposure.


Agents show listings & make appointments internationally.

“Your property can easily be found by billions of people.”

Top Producer Group Certified Social Media ExpertSocial Media Listing Conversion Pages become communication tools for worldwide exposure of seller’s listings. Advanced Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn techniques.


Agents import Zillow – – Trulia buyers to website.

“Agents make sure all systems talk to each other.”

Top Producer Group Certified Web Leads ExpertAPI – Application program interface uses a sets, routines, protocols, and tools for connecting software applications. Agents interact globally with customers using software components.


Agents are trained to recommend ways to get expired listings more.

“Special training proven to get sellers up to 21% more”

Top Producer Group Certified Expired Listing ExpertAgents walk through the property and recommend items on a checklist to be added or deleted from the property and suggest proven marketing ideas & improvements.


Agents help FSBO’s price their home right and sell for more.

“The main thing is to not let anyone steal the home for less.”

Top Producer Group Certified FSBO ExpertFor Sale By Owners must sell their homes for less historically. Our agents are trained to get For Sale By Owners more when they sell their property.


Agents respond to requests for homes by routing leads.

“All Calendars must sync appointments & clients to mobile.”

Top Producer Group Certified Neighborhood ExpertNeighborhood software which allows you to extract data from … such as buyer requests, contact form e-mails, and e-mails sent by lead third party providers and find homes for buyers.


Every customer’s contact info is in the palm of their hand.

 “Complete email history on every customer worldwide.”

Top Producer Group Certified Buyer ExpertAgents have real time conversations with customers worldwide. Organization of customers, automated closing plans, and conversations get transactions to the closing table.


Agents also use text messaging for immediate response.

“Answering all buyer requests in less than 5 minutes.”

Top Producer Group Certified Seller ExpertText or return calls for listings in one click from mobile device to instantly set appointments. Buyer lead conversion increase of 900% to obtain buyers for sellers homes sellers.


Last, agents create top marketing materials that sell homes.

“Top Producers use proven to work marketing materials.”

Top Producer Group Certified Direct Mail Marketing ExpertFocused Marketing offers drive traffic online and to phone, email, text, social media, and website to exchange value for contact information & appointments. 


Request a Top Producer Group Certified Expert, today.

“Coach Carol Mazur – text or call 908-600-7002.”

Real Estate Coach | Top Pro Coach | Carol MazurSellers, to find out if your agent is a Top Producer Group Certified Real Estate Marketing Expert or to request a Top Producer Group Certified Real Estate Expert in your area trained to sell your home for top dollar or help you buy.

We will gladly show you why the agents that make it through this rigorous training have so much higher levels of success. Hiring a Top Producer Group Certified Marketing Expert will help you reach your goals in finding and owning a great home, investing in real estate, and in selling your property for top dollar.

Contact us or text 908-600-7002, now.

“We just sold the highest priced home in the history of the entire neighborhood!” – Top Pro Client

Agents, for more information on becoming a member of our Top Pro Mastermind request a free strategy call. We will discuss what you need to do to you qualify to become a member of this elite customer first advanced marketing Top Producer Group.

Real Estate Coaching Tip | Days On Market | LinkedIn


In this real estate coaching tip we will look at how many days a home is on the market before it sells. LinkedIn posted the following article which shows the average days on market for US homes. Local sold figures can be higher than the national average.

Real estate professionals often list a home for 180 days.  Could the seller’s home be coming off the market just when it is about to sell?  Will the listing expire and no longer be visible on the internet right when a buyer might be ready to make an offer on the home?


Real Estate Coaching Tip:


Check your local MLS stats.  What is the average days on market in your local area?  Next, go a step further and check by neighborhood.  You will find some neighborhoods have average days on market (DOM) of 365 days!

The question is, what is in your clients best interest?   Should you take the listing for 180 days if 185 is the average days on market? 

Top Producers check the number of days on market and may list a home for up to a year depending on the average days on market.

Thanks go to LinkedIn and Zillow for posting this valuable real estate housing news article.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a Top Producer?  

Real estate coaching and training to “Be a Pro” – You know how to be a good Realtor®, it’s time for “Be a Pro” Coaching. Coach Carol Mazur, award winning agent, top rated sales training director on a company team that closed 3000 units annually, and success trainer coaches all levels to be the best. For more coaching information call or text 908-600-7002.

Agent Assisted Sales Up – FSBO Sales Down

This chart posted on’s blog – Economists Outlook, shows that agent assisted sales are up while FSBO sales are down. The percentage of FSBO sales dropped to 9% in 2010 with an average of 5% of those FSBOs having known the purchaser they sold to. This makes the odds of selling a home by owner and finding a new buyer a difficult task for today’s home sellers.


Here is the chart to share and a link to the original post.


FSBO vs Real Estate Agent Sold
FSBO vs Real Estate Agent Sold




The complexity of today’s sales which include short sales, mortgage restrictions, and foreclosures may be a contributing factor to less FSBO sales closing. Agent assisted sales are up to 88% and 3% of sales are in the “other” category.


Coaching Tip:
Be persistent when offering to help FSBOs sell their home. The longer a home is on the market the less the seller usually will net in his pocket. Help sellers make good decisions such as pricing right and listing with a Realtor.


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