Real Estate Agent Goal Setting

Real Estate Goals

Fear of the unknown and unproductive behavior paterns

can keep you from living the good life.



“Take the lead,  take the risk, give it a try”.

We need a reminder to Eat That Frog from Brian Tracy.


Goal Setting Video

This only takes a moment and is well worth it.


Goal setting visual boards are a great place for Realtors to start goal setting. Once you create a happy, healthy, successful, or caring vision of yourself in your mind make a goal board to reinforce the visualization. Choose to post photos that represent the lifestyle you want to have. 


Create a Goal Board or Dream Board

Reach higher levels of productivity, profitability

What’s holding you back?


A barrier keeps you from achieving your goals. These barriers can be internal, external, or both. Many agents don’t want to do the work that they have to do to become a Top Producer.

A common goal barrier is the conformity barrier, where you want to do what everyone else does, and everyone tells you what you should and shouldn’t do: “that doesn’t work” or “I tried that.” You let people defeat you.

If you looked at the statistics, you would see that, for example, everything that we do is proven to work by Top Producers, so if you’re doing something and somebody says to you, “that doesn’t work,” I would guess that they simply have tried it and just did it wrong, or didn’t put the effort in or the time in to make it work. So it’s not their fault, but they have something in their mind that tells them that you won’t succeed. This kind of conformity to what other people are telling you is a common barrier to success.

Another one is the dependence barrier. If you start taking control over your life, you really don’t have any one to blame but yourself. If you don’t do your assignments, or if you do them and you are just hard-headed and you want to do everything your own way, that can be a good thing to a certain point, but at the same time there are some simple rules to business that are needed for success. So are you the type of person that blames other people? Because after this, you will be receiving all the blame for everything that you do.

Another barrier is the lack of commitment barrier. If you aren’t stimulated by your goals, if you didn’t do the exercise in Goal Setting number 1, then you’re not going to be committed to achieving your goals, because you just don’t have that vision for yourself. Maybe you need to call us to make a plan.


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Money is evil barrier: that is the biggest barrier that I find that pulls agents back. The difference between somebody who drops out of the business and somebody who makes it in real estate–it’s this particular barrier. If you’re uncomfortable seeing yourself with money, you are definitely going to have a hard time achieving.

The next step in overcoming barriers is to follow a plan. So to recap, the first step was to recognize your barrier. Is it external? Is it that somebody in your family doesn’t want you to succeed? There could be so many barriers. Make sure that you take a moment to write them down.

Now you develop a plan to overcome the barrier, and do some wealth building exercises.

Write down how you plan to get over your barrier. If it’s money is the root of all evil: take a moment to write down some other ways that money helps children and people all over the world. Has it bought them freedom? Has it stopped children from starving? Or what have your donations and other people’s donations done to improve the world? All of this includes money. Even Mother Teresa, she was always a great fundraiser so that she could help people. I would definitely put a charity on your goal board so that you have don’t have a big disconnect in accepting money, because we are going to be doing a lot of training on delivering value, and value brings wealth.

Here’s some affirmations: “I love money because it helps so many people live a better life” or “I plan to donate 10% of my income as I grow wealthy”. Here’s another affirmation: “I’m healthy and wealthy and happy and loved.”

Create your own affirmations. First, find that barrier. Find what it is that’s holding you back. Ask yourself, how can I overcome that barrier in my mind? Whatever your affirmation is, start writing it down over and over and over again. It will help you on the road to becoming a Top Producer.


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Real Estate Agent Goal Setting


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