Just Listed Postcards Sent from Phone

This quick video shows how “Trigger Marketing” automates Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards and marketing pieces based on when events happen. When triggers occur postcards and flyers are automatically sent to your iPhone or Smartphone for approval. The Just Listed postcards are printed and mailed for you and include QR codes and text messages.

Realtors, in addition to sending Just Listed Postcards from your smartphone, this is a lead capture system which uses QR codes and text messages for lead capture.

Coaching Tip:

Are you simply mass mailing postcards or are you target marketing?  Do you have a call to action on all printed materials with lead capture and a follow up system in place for great customer service? Check all of your property brochures and marketing materials. Do you have simple clear instructions for customers to easily find more information about the neighborhood and the property?


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