LinkedIn Coaching Tip

My favorite video this week is a simple LinkedIn coaching tip sure to help you, residential real estate agents and brokers, grow your business. You will see how easy it is to add your LinkedIn Contacts to Outlook. Pay special attention to the coaching tip on how to add new email clients to your Outlook Contacts directly from your messages with one click of your mouse. Do you think connecting to key people in your community will help you grow your center of influence?

I feel I can connect better with new clients by understanding who they are, what they do and where they work. I will save Facebook for sharing value with my friends and for having fun. I am hoping to form many new relationships by connecting LinkedIn to my Gmail / Outlook Contacts and I am sure it will help you grow your business too!

Right now LinkedIn is a wonderful free tool. You never know when that might change. Please do it now!

If you liked this Real Estate Coaching tip about LinkedIn feel free to share it with your friends and Coworkers. Thank you for your continued support.

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