One on One Coaching – Real Estate Coaching – Coach Carol Mazur

1. Grow your business directly with Coach Carol Mazur during two 30 – 45 minute live one on one coaching phone calls a month OR two 45 minute meetings at Coach Carol Mazur’s office in  Jupiter FL – with prior appointment

2. Monthly email coaching tips for real estate systems and directions to resources for scripts which top producers use to generate leads for Expired Listings, FSBOs, Sphere of Influence and Past Clients.

3. A Comprehensive Business Plan which includes a plan to help you delegate or automate.

4. Access to our mastermind forum so that your questions can be answered with synergy.

5. A list of cutting edge technology tips with live links to tech tools and systems used by top pros.

6. Resources to find virtual assistants and technology experts to go to the next level of productivity.

7. Extra Live Top Pro Group Coaching Included 2 times a month.

8. Access to Free Group Discounts and exclusive offers from our Affiliate Partners.

9. A custom 10 point Expired Listing System.

10. Direct e-mail access to Coach Carol Mazur as needed.

11. A One on One role play with individualized coaching to maximize your results.

12. A custom 30 touch center of influence plan matched to you DISC personality type.

13. Emergency phone calls if needed. You will have my personal cell phone number.

14. PDFs and documents for time management, planning and follow up systems.

15. Urgent Text Messages directly to my cell phone.

16. Inspiration and mindset exercises to help you take massive action.

17. Social media, Craigslist, Website, WordPress tips, & free plug-ins used by top pros.

18. Life Balance and time management tools including excel formulas used by top producers.

19. Realtor video training and coaching tips.

20. An Advanced Training Certificate from The Top Producer Group – Coach Carol Mazur

To speak with Coach Carol Mazur to determine if you have what it takes to become a top producer, please send a text to 973-310-4545 and request a free Q & A info call.

Company Coaching Benefits

Be a Pro Coaching and Top Pro Training Company Benefits are  available to companies interested in helping their agents with increased accountability and higher production goals.  Enter your name in and email address on the right to find out more about this free program.


 Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales™


  • Higher Commissions  Coaching

  • Lead Generation Coaching

  • Lead Capture Coaching

  • Outsourcing and Virtual Assistant Coaching

  • Expired Listing Systems Coaching 

  • Great Big Goal and Mindset Coaching

  • Negotiation Coaching

  • For Sale by Owner Coaching

  • Follow up Systems to Increase Business Coaching

  • The Importance of IVR and Script Coaching

  • How to Get Price Improvements

  • Get Rid of Unproductive Behavior Coaching

  • The right Website Leads Coaching

  • Creating High Touch Sphere Systems Coaching

  • Action Cures Fear Coaching

  • Wealth Creation Coaching

  • Top Pro Business Planning

  • Money and Profitability Coaching

  • Increasing Market Share Coaching

  • Time Management for Pros Coaching

  • Branding Matrix Coaching

  • DISC Personality Coaching

  • Safe Calling Practices to Overcome Fear Coaching

  • Tracking Your Business to Do More of What is Working Coaching

  • The Secret and The Law of Attraction Coaching

  • Organizing your Database for Optimum Contact Coaching

  • Finding Your Purpose for Inspired Action Coaching

  • Transactions That Stay Together with “AEIOU” Coaching

  • Daily Habits for Balance and Success Coaching

  • SEO to Triple Your Leads Coaching

  • Creating a Social Media Plan Coaching

  • Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales Real Estate Coaching

"Be a Pro"


Thank you for your interest in Carol Mazur One on One Coaching!


Real Estate Coaching – Coach Carol Mazur – Real Estate Training


Coaching & Training Realtors to “Be a Pro”. Your Real Estate Coach, Carol Mazur offers affordable  options giving EVERY agent access to personalized live one on one coaching. Our Integrity Rule ensures everything we use has been tested and proven to work by a successful top producer. For more details about live coaching call 973-310-4545. 

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