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Real Estate Agent Social Media Plan

Let me show you this great social media plan infographic that BoomTown sent out from Exact Contact. This real estate agent social media plan shows us how to get a grip on our social media with a simple 30 minute plan each day. Play the real estate coach video or simply read the post. Your choice!

Real Estate Agent Social Media Plan

The idea is to schedule this at different times of the day so that it is very easy to do. Take out your phones and put in a recurring appointment Monday through Friday.


Twitter can be done any time of the day that is convenient for you because you want to go in an schedule all of your tweets.



The next thing you want to do is schedule at least 6 minutes for Facebook. Outsourcing people to do your social media will sometimes put their core values on your marketing message so be very careful if you are outsourcing this that you have the same type of core values that they do.


On Facebook, people like to go on Facebook in the afternoon anywhere between 2 to 4 pm. They get bored and want to go on Facebook. It is really important to create a real estate agent social media plan for Facebook so that you can manage your time.


Real Estate Agent Social Media Planning


So put in 10 minutes for Facebook in your calendar and now for LinkedIn you’ll want to do the same thing. Now LinkedIn people are on usually in the morning before work or after work when they get off around 5 pm or 6 pm. So put 10 minutes in your calendar or 6 minutes scheduled in your phone to remind you to go on to LinkedIn.


Every time you get those text alerts you will know during the day, let me do my social media real quick. Pinterest take a moment to pin and post any type of visual content that you can find, like pictures and then engage with your recent re-pin friends. Get social with the people that re-pin your content. Return the favor and comment or thank them.


Now Google+ is great for sharing content right from your blog. Your blog posts are really great to share on social media. Find groups to share your content. They are already interested in your topic and will share your content.


Instagram is very easy. Any type of quotes. Take your fans behind the scenes and show them your office, your staff. Take pictures of events.


Re-purpose some of the things you already have. Take 30 minutes a day. Be sure to share youtube videos with links like we did in this video.


Real Estate Agent Social Media Plan


The most important social media planning tip I can give you is to send “ALL SOCIAL MEDIA” offers of value to “YOUR WEBSITE”. If you do not have a website that easily lets you post items of value for your customers, I recommend you get a WordPress website. This will build organic traffic.
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What do you think of this real estate agent social media plan?

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