Real Estate Top Producers Spend 5 -10 Times More

Take another look at this top producer vs. real estate agent info graph. Look at the poor job some agents are doing attracting buyer and seller  leads on their own websites!

The secret is that although real estate top producers spend 5 to 10 times more on there we generation, lead conversion, and real estate marketing systems they are very careful about where they spend their money or their time.

One example is with pay per click marketing. If you have a website that is not very good at capturing leads then all the paper click advertising in the world will not help you create buyer leads.

The same goes for seller websites. If you offer a free home value yet the customer has to click two or three times to get what they want then the seller is not going to enter their email address or their correct phone number.

Even direct mail marketing such as postcards is done in a different way by top producers. Top producers know how to get the sellers to take action when they send a postcard to an expired, a for sale by owner, or to the homes in their farm neighborhoods.

Many agents will simply try to mail a postcard that has not been optimized for lead conversion and then stop mailing postcards.

Does it cost a little more money to create a website that converts leads, a direct-mail marketing campaign that works, or an automated database connected to your calendar for better customer service?
of what is currently working for real estate top producers.

Be sure to study this infograph from ActiveRain. Where do real estate top producers spend more money? What does the average agent spend money on? How can you improve your real estate business? How will you know what works and what does not?

Be sure to track what you are spending money on. Did it work last year? Download our free lead generation business plan and track wher last year’s business came from. ( For those in our Top Pro Group be sure to add your direct mail seller listings, seller valuation sites, buyer website leads, referrals, Facebook, and & PPC leads.)


Data provided by Join 215,590 Real Estate Agents on the world’s largest Real Estate Social Network.


Isn’t it time to optimize the lead systems on your own website instead of simply purchasing real estate leads?

Thanks Active Rain, for this awesome real estate top producer comparison chart.


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