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Real Estate Leads – Awesome Website Map for Buyers


Are you a new technology fan?  Here is a new way to find more real estate leads on your website. This technology from Spacial Match matches buyer search trends with an awesome user friendly map that can be embedded on any website including WordPress.  I really enjoyed searching this way and thought you may like it too.  Here is a short video about the new map search.


Real Estate Coaching Tip:

This new real estate map technology makes home hunting easy for buyers. You can give awesome service  to buyers in their home search for neighborhoods, schools and restaurants. Set the map to ask for the buyer’s email after a set number of searches and capture real estate leads for your listings or listings in nearby areas. 

If you are looking for a unique selling proposition this could be it.   There is a one time set up fee and a monthly free for the service depending on the neighborhoods and cities that you choose. You can embed this map on Your website, or create a new WordPress website and start driving traffic to your site.  Great for SEO since it is hosted on your site.  Here is an example http://blackdogrealestate.com/ of a WordPress website.  

Check it out and let me know if you like it too!



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