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C21 Real Estate Stats – Buy Now?

C21 Real Estate Stats – Buy Now?

This C 21 video shows recent real estate market stats and graphs from NAR. Rick Davidson president and CEO of C21 explains the current stats and offers reasons why your customers should buy now. As you will see in the video, Rick believes that short sales are not going away soon. Take a look at the stats he has posted from NAR and why he believes we should buy now.

COACHING TIP I recommend pausing the video on the graphs so that you can print them. Here’s how:

Change the video to full screen. Next, pause the video on the stats you are interested in viewing and click the ctrl key + the prt sc (print screen) key to copy the chart on the screen. Paste the graph into a word or similar doc for future reference.

As a real estate professional on the front lines, what do you think ? Are you recommending that your real estate customers buy now?

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