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2018 Real Estate Business Plan – 2018 Lead Generation Plan

Let’s take action right now by putting your 2018 real estate business plan to the test! Which real estate systems worked for you last year? Our 2018 real estate business plan lets you track whats working by taking an in depth look at last year’s business. After filling in the blanks in the 2018 real estate business plan, you’ll be able to use these answers right in your marketing campaigns.



Download (Lead-Generation-Business-Plan.pdf,PDF, Unknown)


Create a Word document when you’re finished filling out the answers. Or you can use Excel or even a piece of paper to list the names of the customers that you’ve closed on last year. List the lead source they originally came from, the commission amount, and exactly how you received the initial lead. If it was a postcard, you want to know exactly what that postcard said so that you can repeat your success.


The best way to start your 2018 real estate business plan is to be sure you do everything you did last year. Did you send postcards? Did you pay for leads last year? In 2018 you will need to duplicate all of last years successes. Go through your advertising receipts. If it worked last year be sure to look hard before you decide not to add that system to your 2018 real estate business plan.


Now look at your expenses again. Are you paying for items that did not work last year? Be sure to delete all of the systems that did not work for you. Is there any reason to pay for the systems that brought in zero real estate sales last year? Do you need the system for other reasons? It may be time to let some of those old systems go.


Finally, take out your list one more time. Plan which top pro proven systems you’ll be adding in 2018. Will you add organic traffic methods? Maybe you will add a great new lead generation website or a lead calling system. Plan your systems carefully. They will determine whether your 2018 real estate business will be a success.


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Best Real Estate Business Plan – Get Automated!


In this real estate coaching Actionar® video we’ll help you get to the top faster than you ever imagined. Look at the top producer image in the video below that shows a real estate top producer and how they grew their business over eighteen years. They did this by hiring a part-time assistant, a full-time assistant, and of course a coach. They reached out for help.

You can see the progression from one year doing forty-four units, to eighteen years where they were doing one-hundred-sixty-one real estate units. They’ve added a lot of different real estate business systems along the way.

Now wouldn’t it be great if you knew what those systems were and if you could focus on automating one of those systems per week, every single week? Do you think that you would get to the top much faster this way than having to go over a twenty-year or thirty-year career?


We put together this Best Real Estate Business Plan and 2 year system to keep you focused on one area, one step at a time. These are the Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales. The quicker you automate these follow-up systems, the more time you will have to give Platinum Service to your customers and receive referrals. (Most Top Pro Agents are automated in 6 months!)

First, enter your name and email, above, and we will deliver this plan to your inbox. Please print out your best real estate business plan. You’ll need to choose one system and, as they say, close your circles. There are ten 10-step real estate training systems that top producers have created.

How many basic systems do you have already?


Take a pencil out and check off the systems that you have in place already on the business plan. If you already have a 33 touch plan in place in center of influence, then check that off. Maybe you should then choose the center of influence plan to work on first, because you already have a head start on the business plan.


Real Estate Coaching

Top Pro Systems


Let’s say you already have housing stats and listing packages, then I would recommend you choose the expired listings training to start with in your business plan. Once you choose an area to work on, you can forget about looking at all of this at once because it’ll get overwhelming.

We’re going to do this together. My job as your coach is to get you to focus on one area, adding one, simple training and coaching step at a time. Then you will go on to the next step. As you are doing this, you’re building your business effortlessly, making sales and taking listings. It’s a great way to get to the top faster.

Next Get Your Real Estate Systems Automated

You may have a real estate website already, and you might have some of these plans. You maybe have a WordPress blog and you are already working with Craigslist. In that case, maybe you want to use the online lead capture system and finish that plan first. Whatever you choose to start with, you need to finish.


Best Real Estate Business Plan


The biggest problem that I’ve found is that agents will have one step from online marketing, another step from for sale by owners, and then another one step from working their farms, without ever completing them. They’re building only one mailing for their farming neighborhood system, etc. Really, the decision you have to make is: where are you going to start?

If you put a check mark next to what you have already have and you find a lot of check marks in one area, then that’s where we’re going to start because that will be the fastest way to get to the top.

Let’s begin in center of influence. You want to plan some face-to-face but you need ideas. When you join our exclusive Top Pro Group, you’ll be able to search for things like face-to-face in the search bar, or type in center of influence or sphere. We have set up our website so that whatever your style is, whatever you want to find, let’s say 8×8 postcards, for example, we want you to be able to re-purpose everything so that when you make this initial plan you can use it as an expired postcard, or use it for for sale by owners and for your farm.

Think about re-purposing everything you do right from the start. You would not have to reinvent the wheel every time. That’s what our Top Pro Real Estate Coaching is all about. We kick up the basics with the latest technology. If you don’t want to follow the best step-by-step real estate business plan and prefer freestyle, use this business plan. Top Pro Coaching will help you become a top producer quickly.



Best Real Estate Business Plan – Get Automated!

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