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Real Estate Coaching Pinterest Tip: Make a Pinterest Plan

Real Estate Coaching Pinterest Tip: Make a Pinterest Plan:

Pinterest Goal: To become the community expert to follow in your town on Pinterest without posting your listings on Pinterest.


The Plan: To be low key about real estate on Pinterest yet link photos back to your website.


Real Estate Coaching Tip:


  1. Pin a photo of a great meal you had to a list of great restaurants on your website.
  2. Post a local charity event photo with a link to a list of charities on your website.
  3. Pin a photo of the best local beach to a list of beaches on your website.
  4. Pin a photo of a dog park with to a list of dog parks on you website.
  5. Pin a photo of a local lake to a list of lakes on your website.
  6. Pin a photo to a list of golf courses with geographical keywords.
  7. Pin a photo of pets near a condo building to a list of pet friendly condos.
  8. Pin a beautiful picture of a running trail back to a list of trails.
  9. Pin a photo of a local lake to a list of local lakes on your website.
  10. Pin a nighttime photo of downtown with a link to more photos on your website.

Build your brand by showcasing images of things to do in your local city. Customers will find your the value you offer in your real estate listings, home searches, seller house values, & web form offers while on your website in a natural fashion.

If you want to create a Pinterest board just for your listings as well, that is fine. Link to virtual tours on your own IDX pages of your website.

Yes, there are no rules. you can create a YouTube Pinterest board and more Pinterest boards for recipes which link to other peoples websites. Just be sure to also become the neighborhood expert by posting photos of great local businesses with a link back to your website for further information to driving traffic to back to you unique value offers to become no only your community real estate expert but your local everything expert.

Building helpful links back to your website will help you get found organically in the search engines. Add your name to your photos so that you come up as a match in Google images when customers type in your city, town, or county.

A friend of mine used to say “If it’s free, it’s for me!” Start building your free links on Pinterest before they start charging to advertise. Look what happened to Craigslist with the URLs (links) prohibited.  Go for it. Start pinning while it is still free!

Real Estate Coaching Pinterest Tip: Make a Pinterest Plan:

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