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Amazing Postcards

Here is a quick coaching tip. This quick video shows Fusion paper’s amazing postcards.  They sell peel and stick postcard paper that is spill resistant.  Real estate agents and other business owners can attach the postcards to items for events and then simply peel off the postcards and reuse them later. Homeowners can post your entire postcard on the frig!

Real estate agents could print calendars on these amazing postcards or emergency phone numbers. Your expired postcards or just listed just sold postcards sure would stand out form the rest. Real estate agents and coaching clients, what would you print on these amazing postcards?

Best Kept Realtor Facebook Secret – ACTIONAR

Today’s Video is by Tech Savvy Lender.  The Title is Best Kept Realtor Secret on Facebook. It is about searching for buyers on Facebook.  Be sure to take Chris’s advice and only offer value to the buyers.

What types of links, photos and information could you post on your Facebook Realtor page that would be helpful to to someone moving to your area? Thanks Chris for this great Facebook video. As a real estate coach I recommend that Realtors add this to their things to do list.

This has been another Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur suggested “ACTIONAR” video recommendation for real estate agent training.

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