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How Real Estate Professionals Reach Top Goals

This Brian Tracy video will help you focus on your real estate business and 2011 real estate goals. It is a very short video but full of life changing impact and practical business advice. It would be great if we could all remember to practice this tip every day  in our business.

Be sure to take out a piece of paper right now and do the exercise or you will have simply wasted a few moments of your time. If you liked this Brian Tracy video please press the like button and pass it on.

How Top Producers Build A Relationship Real Estate Business

As you watch this classic Rick DeLuca video about building a relationship business, think about how you can copy his success in your business today. Top Producers have large databases of friends, neighbors and clients. If you have already built a large following congratulations and ask yourself this. Have you made the mistake of relying totally on email and social blasts to stay in touch?

Will you plan to make one sincere connection a day with a person in your database? Will you post on their wall or send a quick text along with a photo? Or, are you simply blasting everyone you know with generic messages? Marketing your real estate business is necessary but try not to get so caught up in the marketing that you forget to also create meaningful relationships one at a time.

What will you do right now to increase the number of supporters that you have in your real estate business? Also please remember to log into the top producer group opt-in form on the right to be updated with future information now.