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20 Sphere Questions for More Referrals


Add These 20 Sphere Questions to Your Email
Marketing Program to Receive More Referrals

The best way real estate agents can stay in touch with their sphere is to visit them face to face. The next best thing to do is to call and ask questions. A third technique that top producers use to keep in touch and increase referrals is to send a question in the subject line of an email. This can be a text email or a video email. Responses are noted or copied and pasted into the agent’s contact management system for future topics of conversation and future referrals. Here are 20  questions to get you chatting:
1. What is your favorite movie?

2. What is your favorite holiday?

3. When is you birthday?

4. What is your favorite charity?

5. May I update your information?

6. What is your favorite restaurant?

7. What is your favorite food?

8. Which weekend activities do you enjoy?

9. Do you participate in social networks?

10. What is your favorite style home?

11. Do you have any pets?

12. Do you have any hobbies?

13. What is your favorite book or magazine?

14. Are you happy in your home?

15. Where was your last vacation?

16. Are you taking any future vacations?

17. Do you have a new business?

18. How can I help?

19. Do you belong to any new clubs or organizations?

20. Do you have friends or family moving to our area?
Real Estate CoachingWhich questions will you ask and how often will you call, email, and drop by?

Make sure your questions do not offend or exclude anyone.
Take photos of your clients and share the photos of them online on Facebook, with their permission. This is a great way to become better friends. Ask the same questions above.
If you remember them, they will remember you.

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Carol Mazur

Real Estate Coach

(This method is similar to Harvey Mackay but utilizes today’s technology.)


Sales – Marketing – Mindset

Sales, Marketing and Mindset

Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur

Many agents leave the real business or struggle to make a profit because they do not have marketing systems that work. Realtors tend to focus on the day to day needs of their clients, neglecting their own financial aspirations. For example, they purchase magnificent websites from web designers but the websites do not produce leads.

This is similar to buying a beautiful car that is missing the engine.  These sites look wonderful but without leads what good are they? You may as well list yourself in the yellow pages online.  A lack of leads may not be the web designer’s fault.  It could be that the agent or broker stopped short of  creating wealth by not taking advantage of Search Engine Optimization or SEO through blogging or adding keywords, back links and ad words.  If  a real estate website does not have blogging capabilities it could be outdated.

Where are you ranked in the search engines? A free resource which allows you to  check your keywords and your website on 40 search engine sites at once is Google rankings . You may be surprised to see where you come up.

Some agents do not investigate marketing systems work because they relate marketing to money making schemes.  In fact they have a mental block in the area of sales and money. To attract wealth to themselves Realtors must first define wealth and second they must guiltlessly desire a state of wealth.  They need to take consistent action toward creating a profitable business.  The following is a definition of wealth that makes sense.

A large amount (of something); abundance:   a wealth of ideas

Valuable products, contents, or derivatives:   the wealth of the oceans


Hopefully more agents will schedule time to plan and work on their sales and marketing goals to achieve success.  I f you feel you need to work on creating a wealth mindset download free real estate affirmations on the real estate tips page begin to get comfortable with the idea of being wealthy.

Realtors, do you have value driven methods of lead capture to increase sales?  Make 2011 the year to implement real estate marketing systems that top producers currently use to automate their business and convert leads. Remember, wealth follows order. Start by utilizing the many free tools that Google offers. Set a goal to increase your online marketing presence with  TopProGoalTracker on this site’s home page.

Coach Carol Mazur

Real Estate Coach

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From *Origin: ME welthe, wealth, happiness:

Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2010 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.

The ideas in this blog include teachings from The Secret, Napoleon Hill, Rich German, Darius Barazandeh and  Top Producers.

How to Add 24 More Listings to Your Inventory

Here is one quick low cost plan to add 24 listings to your inventory

Top producers know that there are many ways to grow a successful real estate business.  It is not one size fits all. The following method uses the telephone and lead conversion techniques.  Remember to create systems for maintaining strong relationships and watch your bank account expand while you help more buyers and sellers achieve their goals.  (A list of training methods incorporated can be found below).

  • Weekly – 120 answers of the phone = 5 future leads = 1 appointment
  • Dial 72 numbers a day = about 24 answers a day = 1 daily future lead
  • 5 futures a week = 1 set appointment a week – 48 work weeks.
  • 48 qualified appointments = 24 listings a year.
  • Save time and have your appointments come in to your office (CITO).
  • Better yet, set up an office in an open house or on site – for walk-in traffic.
  • This process will have a snowball effect while you build a large database.
  • Use technology and personal touches to stay in contact with your database.
  • Have an assistant organize phone numbers and data for follow-up mailings and face to face appointments.

Who to Call

IVR Leads

Website Leads

Buyer’s A, B and C Leads



Past clients

Your friends

Expired listings

Your farm area

Absentee owners

Orphaned clients

Your neighborhood

Apartment buildings

Around a new listing

Your sphere of influence

For sale by owner listings

Around  recently sold listings

Please Learn Do Not Call safe practices from NAR.

This high contact method combines The Mike Ferry System, The Rick De Luca System and The Floyd Wickman System.  Countless top producers use these direct methods after learning simple business techniques and scripts.  Stay tuned for less direct methods too.

Coach Carol Mazur

Real Estate Coach