Real Estate Coach Tip: Get The Initial Buyer Appointment First

Real Estate Coach Tip: Get The Initial Buyer Appointment First

The first step in becoming a Real Estate Top producer is to not give more than 50% of your business away to your competitors. NAR stats show that 64% of real estate customers work with the first agent they TALK to.

We are in all for Email Marketing , Online Lead Attraction, and Social Media Marketing yet I remember my friend Bob asking “Can you sell a home to someone you have never spoken to?”

The Initial Buyer Consultation has been know to save the consumer from losing tens of thousands of dollars (Buying a home before they sell their home etc.) It helps the customer decide what they want before making an offer.

A Free Buyer Consultation offers a customer a Buyer Relo Package with local info, discounts, and resources. More important it helps the buyer decide what is important to THEM.

Agents, set up buyer text alerts and call your buyers while they are online. It’s best to reach them in the first 5 minutes before they move on to doing something else.

Have them come into the office so that you can give them the most recent listings before they hit the market. Set the appointment!

Real Estate Coaching Tip:

Practice the answers to these buyer objections so that the buyer winds up with a next level agent that will take the time to give the buyer a FREE buyer appointment to meet.

“I don’t want to come in to the office (CITO) and sign anything.”

“Has anyone explained your consumer rights in our state – when working with a real estate agent?” Oh, I am surprised!  When is a good time for you to come in?

“I am too busy to come into the office to even look at homes. 

“I can understand that. These days we have such little time! Do you think you could spare an hour or two? I don’t want to see rates go up and have you afford less of a home.

“I am afraid to take on a mortgage because what if I lose my job?”

At least there are laws in place to protect homeowners for a certain length of time.  What would you do if you were renting and you lost your job?

“I have a one year lease on my apartment.”

“Have you ever heard of an early vacancy agreement?”

“I think I should wait until the market goes down some more.”

Yes, I was recommending that until I read all of the recent local and national stats which show that prices are going up. Inventory is getting scarce.

“I don’t even know if I can get a mortgage.”

When you come in, to save you time, I’ll arrange for you to meet a lender that does a lot of local mortgages.  They have really good rates.

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Real Estate Coach Tip:

Get The Initial Buyer Appointment First


Please Remember To:

Follow your company policy,

local, and state rules for Buyer Agency.


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Facebook Image Sizes

Real Estate Coach Facebook

Optimum Facebook Photo Dimensions


Handy Facebook Image Size Reference Chart










Cover Photo



The Cover Photo is the large panoramic image space at the top of the timeline.


Image in 








The Profile Image the smaller, square at bottom left of the header, overlapping the cover photo. Its final display dimensions are 160px by 160px, but you have to upload an image at least 180px by 180px. The thin white border is added automatically and there’s no way to remove it.


Image on 






The profile image that appears next to your name on comments and posts is automatically scaled down to 32px by 32px.


Thumbnail for
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The thumbnail for shared links is the image that comes up with a link when you post a link on your or someone else’s timeline.



These are photos you upload to an album. This can vary.

Uploaded Timeline 
Photo Thumbnail   






  When you upload an image to the timeline, in other words post an image from the status update section, by default a large square thumbnail is automatically generated at 403px by 403px.







When you post a video on your timeline, a Video Preview Thumbnail is generated at 403px by 226px.


*Measurements are in pixels.

When it comes to mobile devices, there’s a huge range of screen sizes, screen resolutions, and software, so the Facebook pixel measurements will vary from device to device, from app to app, and even between holding the screen vertically and horizontally.


Remember Facebook Image Sizes Change Frequently.


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2018 Real Estate Business Plan – 2018 Lead Generation Plan

Let’s take action right now by putting your 2018 real estate business plan to the test! Which real estate systems worked for you last year? Our 2018 real estate business plan lets you track whats working by taking an in depth look at last year’s business. After filling in the blanks in the 2018 real estate business plan, you’ll be able to use these answers right in your marketing campaigns.



Download (Lead-Generation-Business-Plan.pdf,PDF, Unknown)


Create a Word document when you’re finished filling out the answers. Or you can use Excel or even a piece of paper to list the names of the customers that you’ve closed on last year. List the lead source they originally came from, the commission amount, and exactly how you received the initial lead. If it was a postcard, you want to know exactly what that postcard said so that you can repeat your success.


The best way to start your 2018 real estate business plan is to be sure you do everything you did last year. Did you send postcards? Did you pay for leads last year? In 2018 you will need to duplicate all of last years successes. Go through your advertising receipts. If it worked last year be sure to look hard before you decide not to add that system to your 2018 real estate business plan.


Now look at your expenses again. Are you paying for items that did not work last year? Be sure to delete all of the systems that did not work for you. Is there any reason to pay for the systems that brought in zero real estate sales last year? Do you need the system for other reasons? It may be time to let some of those old systems go.


Finally, take out your list one more time. Plan which top pro proven systems you’ll be adding in 2018. Will you add organic traffic methods? Maybe you will add a great new lead generation website or a lead calling system. Plan your systems carefully. They will determine whether your 2018 real estate business will be a success.


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