Find & Export LinkedIn Email Addresses


Find & Export Your LinkedIn Email Addresses


Since LinkedIn recently did an update, I thought I would show you the new way to find your LinkedIn email addresses and then to export them to a CSV file. This will be useful when uploading lists of your raving fans to your real estate email newsletters, blog lists, and real estate data bases.



So, just go over to the top and you’ll find your contacts. Go to All Contacts. Click on that. You’ll see how you can select all right over here at the top. Just go right over to the right where it says settings, and you’ll see that it’s been selected. And there’s all your contacts.

Then, right over here under the Advanced Settings on the right, you’ll see where it says Export LinkedIn Connections. Click that and it gives you some choices here of how you would like to export them. I like to use Microsoft Outlook CSV file so I’ll click that and select Export.

It’ll ask you, with this little capture box here, to type in the message, and there it is! Your connections’ email addresses were successfully exported!

Real Estate Coaching

Real Estate Coaching


Now you will be able to invite your LinkedIn followers to your buyer blog updates, your seller blog updates, events, and other helpful customer friendly local activities. Be sure not to use this to blast your listings to strangers. You do not want to wind up in permanent spam.

The best thing to do is to ask your LinkedIn friends to double opt in to your email list for updates, how to’s, local events, and real estate stats. Every time you have a new post on your real estate blog, have the post automatically sent to your new subscribers.

Top Pro Group Members please see Online Web Forms in step – 906 in our private real estate coaching and training center. Ask Lisa to assist if you get stuck. Congratulations on getting some of your top 10 real estate systems automated and on getting a better life!

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How to Get More Free Time

Today’s Actionar® real estate coaching topic is time management. Take a look at what Google shows when you type in the words time management. Here’s how using the power of 7 will get you more free Time – Real Estate.

The lack of time is just a fear and the more that we begin worrying about how many transactions we my not have in the future, the more we start, like that first gentlemen there on the top left in the video, feeling like we’re running behind and we start running faster and faster. We get crazier and crazier and we need to just take a timeout and stop.



I want to show you the power of seven. It will help you live a better life. Take a moment each day and go into The Top Pro Center for 50 Sales and watch some of the Actionars. They are all less than seven minutes long and spent less than In seven minutes a day building your real estate business.

As you know, when Napoleon Hill studied the top leaders in American Industry they all had a common trait which was they each wrote down 6 items every day that they would commit to accomplish. So, as members of our top pro coaching group we are going to kick this up to 7 items a day that you need to accomplish, because you are Top Producers!

Find your “to do” form and write down seven items anywhere you want whether they’re under urgent, important, your personal to do, or delegated. Write them exactly where they go and to whom you can delegate.

Real Estate Coaching Silver

Real Estate Coaching

Take some quiet time in the morning when and where you can be alone with your thoughts and take control of your day. Those a few minutes to plan 7 accomplishments in the morning. When you write down what you want to accomplish it will change your life.

Rather than running around and doing everything for everybody else, take a moment for yourself. Write, or enter seven items daily and in 7 days, as these 7 items are accomplished each day, you will begin to take control of your time and you’ll get to the top faster than you ever imagined. Soon, you will begin to live the life of a top producer. Use the power of seven it!

Warm Regards,

Carol Mazur – Top Pro Coach

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Top 250 Real Estate Teams – Real Trends

Here is a great list of the top 250 real estate teams from Real Trends with the Wall Street Journal. Congratulations to all 250 real estate teams!  Great job and great teamwork! Here is the link and a coaching tip.

REAL Trends Top Sales Professionals – The Thousand – With The Wall Street Journal.


Top 250 Real Estate Teams
Top 250 Real Estate Teams


Coaching Tip:  

Is it your goal to create a top 250 team?  Review this list of the top 250 real estate teams from Real Trends with the Wall Street Journal. Are any of the teams located in your area?  What new technology or traditional methods are they implementing to be top producers?  

Do you have a real estate team as a role model?  Do you have a picture in your mind of how you want your business to look in 5 years?  If not, why not choose one of these top teams to pattern your vision of success after.  See yourself having a top producing team with great buyer’s agents and loyal listing agents with talented assistants supporting you. Remember you need to go there in your mind before your body will follow suit.

Write down the name of your role model or find one now.






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