Coach Carol Mazur, Announces ACTIONAR™ Training

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Real Estate Coach, Carol Mazur, Announces ACTIONAR™ Training Series


Wilmington, NC – August 9, 2011- Master real estate trainer, Carol Mazur, has announced that a Top Pro Training ACTIONAR™ session will begin on Aug. 20, 2011. Registration is now open. Visitors to TheTopProducerGroup.com can register for Coaching which includes an online training center.


“Our real estate coaching results are well above the real estate industry standard of a respectable 20 percent increase in business,” said Coach Mazur.


Founder of the residential real estate coaching company, The Top Producer Group, LLC, Mazur is a national real estate coach and real estate trainer, as well as a certified marketing specialist and certified negotiation specialist. She’s trained hundreds of real estate brokers and participated in mastermind coaching with top producers who sell over 400 units annually.


Mazur’s real estate training assists real estate brokers in lead management and techniques to increase sales and referrals. Agents learn how to get over their fear of scripts, utilize today’s technology and create automated systems that obtain results. Sometimes a sale can hinge on something as seemingly simple as remembering a name and Mazur teaches agents how to do so, along with advanced details to help close more sales.


It’s easy to sell real estate in a good economy, but the current economic climate requires the use of new methods and the incorporation of technology to achieve optimum results. Real estate trainer, Carol Mazur, provides training nationwide to help agents achieve greater success.


Mazur shares her knowledge of the real estate business, gained through many years of experience. Her training assists those in the real estate industry to utilize the latest technology, develop new sales strategies and provide client services that result in return business and increased referrals.


“I am a coach that trains real estate agents how to add value and give back while utilizing a multitude of training tools on their way to the top,” said Mazur.


Free training memberships are available on the Top Producer Group, and participants have the option of working their way up to paid group or one on one coaching levels. Mazur knows how difficult it can be to earn a living while incorporating new training, and her real estate training sessions are designed to allow members to advance at their own pace.


There are no ninety minute webinars that put you to sleep or sell you something at the end. Mazur watches them for you and shares the most important points with four minute ACTIONARS™ and documents that lead you to exactly where you need to go to take action.


The Top Producer Group provides real estate agents with the tools, tips and information they need to become more effective sellers. Mazur’s training is based on methods and techniques that have been field tested for success, allowing members to reach for the top of their field.


To subscribe, visit the website at http://www.thetopproducergroup.com and enter your email in the subscribe form.




“Be a Pro” in your real estate business without spending a fortune. The Top Producer Group, LLC offers affordable real estate coaching membership options, giving EVERY agent access to personalized one on one coaching and training. Our Integrity Rule ensures that everything we share has been tested and proven to work by current top producers. For more details about Top Pro Training and Be A Pro Coaching call (973) 310-4545. Be sure to ask if your location is available to become a top producer.


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