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Buying is cheaper than renting in most U.S. cities | LinkedIn



It is still cheaper to buy than to rent in most cities. LinkedIn shared this article from CNN Money today and it is great to have some positive news about the US housing market. 


Buying is cheaper than renting in most U.S. cities | LinkedIn.


Real estate coaching tip:  Ask your favorite mortgage representative to create a rent vs. own comparison sheet for potential buyers in your local town or city.  Is buying cheaper than renting?  The answer is usually a big yes.

Next, offer to sent the report to buyers by entering their email address on your blog or website.  Create a video on you tube about it with the stats.                                                                                                               

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How to Add 24 More Listings to Your Inventory

Here is one quick low cost plan to add 24 listings to your inventory

Top producers know that there are many ways to grow a successful real estate business.  It is not one size fits all. The following method uses the telephone and lead conversion techniques.  Remember to create systems for maintaining strong relationships and watch your bank account expand while you help more buyers and sellers achieve their goals.  (A list of training methods incorporated can be found below).

  • Weekly – 120 answers of the phone = 5 future leads = 1 appointment
  • Dial 72 numbers a day = about 24 answers a day = 1 daily future lead
  • 5 futures a week = 1 set appointment a week – 48 work weeks.
  • 48 qualified appointments = 24 listings a year.
  • Save time and have your appointments come in to your office (CITO).
  • Better yet, set up an office in an open house or on site – for walk-in traffic.
  • This process will have a snowball effect while you build a large database.
  • Use technology and personal touches to stay in contact with your database.
  • Have an assistant organize phone numbers and data for follow-up mailings and face to face appointments.

Who to Call

IVR Leads

Website Leads

Buyer’s A, B and C Leads



Past clients

Your friends

Expired listings

Your farm area

Absentee owners

Orphaned clients

Your neighborhood

Apartment buildings

Around a new listing

Your sphere of influence

For sale by owner listings

Around  recently sold listings

Please Learn Do Not Call safe practices from NAR.

This high contact method combines The Mike Ferry System, The Rick De Luca System and The Floyd Wickman System.  Countless top producers use these direct methods after learning simple business techniques and scripts.  Stay tuned for less direct methods too.

Coach Carol Mazur

Real Estate Coach




Welcome from Carol MazurReal Estate Coach

Owner and Founder of The Top Producer Group, LLC.

Congratulations, you are on your way to creating a life of wealth, happiness and success in real estate. Knowledge, skill, hard work and experience do not guarantee a profit in this business.  We jump from one great real estate sales training and coaching program to the next believing we will attend, implement new ideas, and become top selling real estate agents. That works for about ten percent of us.  For the other ninety percent I will share a key to success.

As Sales Training Director for one of the largest and most successful Coldwell Banker Affiliates in the United States, I trained and coached real estate brokers and studied top producers every day.  Production soared during the advanced training programs, yet not everyone sustained their results.  I observed that top producers who sold 68, 120, 200 and even 400 units a year had a unique wealth creating mindset.

What is the secret?  What did we, the top producers, and other millionaires, do that changed our lives?  We simply made the decision to become successful by helping others.  We decided not to settle for less.  We chose to take massive action towards our goals.  We focused on doing what we love and wealth and happiness just followed.  You can decide to live the life of your dreams too.  Choose not to settle for less.  Acquire the right tools and a successful mindset.  We will help you take action.

You have read this entire page, so you have completed step one. Now take step two.

To coach directly with me, Carol Mazur, call(973) 310-4545 and leave a voice message 24 hours a day. We will start your coaching by helping you build systems that generate leads. Next we’ll show you how to convert those the leads you are getting into appointments and sales. Soon you will need help working all of your leads and we will help you hire, train, and lead your agents.

With gratitude,

Coach Carol Mazur, GRI, CeMS, and CNS

Real Estate Coach

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Our vision at www.TheTopProducerGroup.com is to provide business and wealth building coaching services and online products and services to the real estate industry.  Our integrity rule is always in place; nothing gets introduced into our coaching services and products unless it has been tested and proven to work by top producers.