By checking read, I agree to the following terms and conditions.  I  hereby apply for enrollment in “Be a Pro” Coaching which is One on One Coaching with a Free Top Pro Training Membership.  I will become a an official member of The Top Producer Group, LLC.  One on One Coaching is directly with Coach Carol Mazur.


The Top Producer Group, LLC guarantees that you will be happy with our coaching and training services.  We have a no questions asked 30 day guarantee or your money back.  Feel free to try us out and preview ( without downloading) our training materials for 30 days.  Once you have downloaded  our materials we will be notified that you have decided to remain a member of our coaching & training. See Proprietary Information.

One on One Coaching Calls

I understand that the individual calls with my coach are an integral part of the coaching program. I acknowledge that should I miss or need to change any scheduled calls, that a maximum of 4 coaching call adjustments will be permitted. Otherwise, cancelled or missed calls will be calculated as completed calls in my program.


Release and Indemnity


I acknowledge that all of my decisions and actions (whether of a business, investment, personal or other nature) and the consequences of such decisions and actions, whether made in context of this program or not, are entirely my own responsibility. I am entering into The Top Producer Group, LLC One on One Coaching Programs with the understanding that I am completely responsible for creating my own desired results.


I agree not to hold The Top Producer Group, LLC (employees, subsidiaries and affiliates) or my Coach liable for any actions or results for adverse situations created directly or indirectly as a result of a specific referral or advice given by my Coach. I further release and agree to indemnify and save harmless The Top Producer Group, LLC (and its employees and affiliates) from all direct and indirect liability howsoever caused and related to this relationship or program.


I also understand the coaching relationship is not privileged and, as such, records, assignments and notes related to this business building relationship may be subpoenaed or produced in a tribunal or court of law. The coaching relationship is in no way to be construed as psychological counseling or any other type of psychotherapy.


Proprietary Information


All Programs and content whether paid or free is constantly adapted and enhanced and may vary within each term from time to time. I further acknowledge that the use of, including without limitation, any reproduction, presentation or commercial use of the concepts, strategies, methods and materials used in this program, which is the sole and exclusive intellectual property of The Top Producer Group, LLC, sharing is prohibited without the expressed written permission from The Top Producer Group, LLC as content has a monetary value of $100,000.00 each for each item in any of our programs. 


Privacy Policy


The Top Producer Group, LLC has policies and procedures to assist in protecting your information. We retain personal and/or financial information only for as long as necessary or relevant for a strong future relationship or as required by law. You have the right to withdraw your consent to our uses and disclosures and to access and require us to correct personal information that we hold about you.


At The Top Producer Group, LLC, we NEVER sell, rent, or trade your information. Also, we will never disclose your personal information to non-affiliated third parties without your express written consent. We only disclose your personal information in limited circumstances, those being with your consent or as permitted or required by law.


Currency and taxes of Applicant’s Country of residence will be applied to all amounts due as applicable.


Be a Pro – One on One Coaching Program

Confidential Coaching Agreement

The Top Producer Group, LLC

8722 New Forest Drive

Wilmington, NC28411


Phone: 910-681-1110 |   www.TheTopProducerGroup.com | CoachCarolMazur@gmail.com

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