Top 250 Real Estate Teams – Real Trends

Here is a great list of the top 250 real estate teams from Real Trends with the Wall Street Journal. Congratulations to all 250 real estate teams!  Great job and great teamwork! Here is the link and a coaching tip.

REAL Trends Top Sales Professionals – The Thousand – With The Wall Street Journal.

Top 250 Real Estate Teams
Top 250 Real Estate Teams


Coaching Tip:  

Is it your goal to create a top 250 team?  Review this list of the top 250 real estate teams from Real Trends with the Wall Street Journal. Are any of the teams located in your area?  What new technology or traditional methods are they implementing to be top producers?  

Do you have a real estate team as a role model?  Do you have a picture in your mind of how you want your business to look in 5 years?  If not, why not choose one of these top teams to pattern your vision of success after.  See yourself having a top producing team with great buyer’s agents and loyal listing agents with talented assistants supporting you. Remember you need to go there in your mind before your body will follow suit.

Write down the name of your role model or find one now.






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