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Top 7 Ways For A Realtor To Use Social Media


“Top 7 ways for a Realtor to use social media to convert leads”


Real Estate Coaching Tip


First, post helpful offers, eBooks, PDFs, Blog Posts, or Videos linking to web forms in the sidebar of your website for buyers and sellers to enter their email.

1. Tweet a link to help home buyers in your area with a URL back to the buyer blog post article on your website.

2. Post a link to your blog on LinkedIn with a blog article about events back to your website.

3. Tweet a Seller Instant House Value link back to your website.

4. Post a paid ad on Facebook with a link to your Free House Value.

5. Post a link to your blog on Google+ groups back to your website.

6. Take a photo of the free Home Search on your website and post it on Pinterest with a link to your website.

7. Take a photo of your Instant House Value and add a link on Instagram.

Links (URLS) back to your website help you get found organically. Make sure you have lots of value for your customers on your website when they arrive.

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