Top Producer Group Buyer Success Questionnaire

Top Producer Group Buyer Success Questionnaire


“Buyer Success Questionnaire” Ask the questions on this Buyer Success Questionnaire to help your buyers succeed.

1. “How long have you guys been looking for a home?”

2. “What areas are you looking in?”

3. “Have you seen any properties that you liked?”

4. “What will your home, absolutely need to have, to own it?”

5. “If you could have whatever you wanted, when would you like to be situated in your new home?”

6. “Do you need to sell a home in order to buy your next one?”

7. “Would you agree that the best deals & nicest homes sell first?”

8. “Have you put yourself in a strong negotiating position?”

Top Producer Group Buyer Success Questionnaire


The Top Producer Group is a group of certified real estate marketing experts led by Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur.

Sellers benefit with extreme next level tools that members of the Top Producer Group implement to attract buyers that are ready willing and able to purchase their homes.

Extensive Real Estate training in asking questions is critical to helping buyers make decisions to buy real estate. Listening to the answers is so important It is what makes our Top Producer Group Buyer Success Questionnaire so helpful.

An online website is created by every member of the Top Producer Group. When the above Buyer Success Questionnaire is completed, buyers are entered into a cutting edge website.

Our Real Estate Agents Believe In Giving First

Buyers benefit by having access to the latest and greatest technology available in home finding history. Agents are trained in advanced buyer success systems. Instead of talking about themselves, agents are trained to ask questions like those in the above Top Producer Group Buyer Success Questionnaire.



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