Twenty Questions About Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur


Twenty Questions About Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur


About Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur


Q1: How long has Coach Carol Mazur been an active real estate salesperson before coaching? 

A1:  Coach Carol has been licensed since the age of 22 – which is over 25 years! Her company is licensed in North Carolina and Coach Carol Mazur holds a real estate B-I-C license #258258 to remain current in the state of North Carolina.

Q2: Where did Coach Carol Mazur get her training as a Real Estate Professional? 

A2:  Coach Carol was trained by and has trained many top producers and currently teaches Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales with tips from mentors such as Leslie McDonnell, Linda Hall, Buddy Blake, Tim Milam, Ben Kinney, Floyd Wickman, Anthony Robbins, Rick DeLuca, David Knox, Matthew Ferry, Mike & Tom Ferry, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Sonia Ricotti, Dirk Zeller, Top Hopkins, Howard Brinton, Tim Allen,Larry Kendall, Matthew Ferrara, Alex Charfen, Tom Spencer, Carol McManus, and Star Power – too many to list!

Q3:  How many homes did Coach Carol Mazur sell during the course of your career?

A3:  Carol began her career as a struggling new  individual agent & went on to become a sales training director on a company team that sold over 3000 units annually.  As Top sales training director she created business coaching plans that helped in ranking #32 in the Top 50 firms in the REAL Trends 500 that had the largest increase in closed transaction sides from 2009 to 2010.

Q4:  How much money did Coach Carol Mazur earn?

A4:  Carol’s sales training team under the leadership of management brought in half a billion dollars in gross commission income annually. Personally Carol adheres to the Dave Ramsey method of saving and investing and thankfully has zero debt.

Q5: How long Coach Carol Mazur has been working as a Coach?

5A:  Carol has been a coach and trainer to agents, brokers, and managers for 7 years and began selling real estate at the age of twenty two.

Q6:  How much training has  Coach Carol Mazur had to become a Coach? 

A6:  Carol ran an innovative Real Estate Success Center. She was the instructor, sales trainer director, & coach to 300+ brokers.

Q7:  How many clients does  Coach Carol Mazur actually coach personally?

A7:  Carol does all of her own real estate coaching including One on One Coaching and Group Training.  She recently recently founded an innovative  Top Pro Center for 50 Sales™ to address the reality that agents seem to either sell 4 homes or 400 homes. Top Pro Training is designed to bridge this gap with innovative high tech learning experiences for the 85% of agents in the MLS that struggle.

Q8:  Can I have a list of those clients or at least some of them, to call?

A8:  Yes, check out our coaching and training testimonials. Current coaching members are covered by our online privacy policy which is posted on our website.  We keep all client info secure and confidential.

Q9:  Who is Coach Carol Mazur’s  largest individual producer and how much do they produce?

A9:  Carol has coached agents that produce hundreds of units a year, yet her favorite producers are every day agents that double and triple their  production in less one year.

Q10:   What does Coach Carol Mazur’s  average client do in terms of production?

A10: Carol works with both new agents and top producers.  Carol’s ideal client has made mistakes and learned from them, is done doing things the hard way, and is open to making a serious commitment to increased profitability. Your results will depend on how many of the systems you consistently implement into your own business.

Q11:  Outside of a coaching call, what kind of real estate support do you offer your clients? 

A11:  Our coaching comes the Top Pro Center for 50 Sales Training which includes Top 10 Systems for 50 sales to get you to next level.

Q12:  How does Coach Carol Mazur stay current as a Real Estate Coach as to market conditions & sales skills? 

A12:  Carol studies and tests new technology, real estate systems and top pro techniques every day.  She constantly posts updates for her Top Pro Group on  You can also find free updates on her blog,

Q13:  Can you define Coach Carol’s Real Estate Sales Systems that she teaches?

A13:  Yes, Carol helps you implement Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales™ to build a chain of strong systems for marketing to both new and existing customers.  She uses a diversified set of proven tools learned from top producers. Next she helps you outsource and automate everything you possibly can.

Q14:  Does Coach Carol Mazur currently have a real estate license?

A14:  Yes, Carol holds a Broker–In-Charge license # 258258 at the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Q15:  Does Coach carol Mazur have any designations and memberships?

A15:  Yes Carol is a GRI, CeMS, CNS, B-I-C, & is a  respected member of the International Association of Coaches, The National Association of Professional Women,  and the US  National Committee for UN Women and is leader of the Top Pro Group.

Q16:  Does Carol Mazur have teaching experience?

A16:  Yes, Carol Mazur was the training Director of a highly acclaimed Real Estate Success Center and is an instructor and coach at the Top Pro Real Estate Training Center for 50 Sales. Carol has an AS in Education – Summa cum Laude.

Q17:  Does Carol Mazur have business management experience in addition to your real estate experience?

A17:  Yes, Carol was the  # 1 Regional Sales Director for a multi million dollar Corporation in NJ & also a Sales Training Director in NC who helped her company achieve # 4 CB Affiliate in the Nation in 100- 500 units category. Results we 34% higher than the local MLS.  She created business plans and coaching tools that helped the company and the agents reach the top.

Q18:   Does Coach Carol Mazur embrace technology in Top Pro Training?

A18:  Yes, Carol Mazur has worked with many technology directors to create programs for her agents. This has set her on the path of continual learning in new technology systems for lead generation and lead conversion.  She built the Top Pro Training Center and offers advanced technology tips and SEO tips for Realtors®!

Q19:  Does Coach Carol Mazur embrace traditional sales methods in The Top Pro Center for 50 Sales?

A19:  Coach Carol continuously researches educators, technology masters, real estate trainers, gurus, motivators, business coaches, top producers & master marketers every day. She lives to learn and share.

Q20:  Does Coach Carol Mazur continue to network with Top Producers, Mega Agents and Super Stars?

A20:  Yes, Carol attends and researches new technology, reads and attends online training events to learn the newest ideas shared by top producers to shorten the learning curve for her coaching clients. Carol’s usual question is “for whom is is this working?” “All systems must be proven successfully work by real estate top producers.”


Twenty Questions About Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur


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