Open House Check List

Open House Check List – Agent Open House Check List


Agents, do you have an open house check list? Use this open house check list two days before your open house so that you can relax and spend time with loved ones on the morning of your open house.

Agent Open House Check List – Outside

First check the outside of the house or home. Use this first section of the open house check list to prepare the exterior of the house, condo, or home.

  1. ________ Can attendees park in front of house?
  2. ________ Debris out of walk-way to house?
  3. ________ Clean front porch area.
  4. ________ What’s your first impression when you enter that day?
  5. ________ Entry area inside of home free of clutter.
  6. ________ Place  arrows from the furthest point back to the house.
  7. ________Use multiple signs on front lawn

Agent Open House Check List – Inside

Next, follow this open house check list to set up the inside of the house. Check items off of the open house check list.

  1. ________ Guest registration on phone or smart device.
  2. ________ Raffle tickets to win something at the end of the month.
  3. ________ Brochure or flyer of the property-adequate copies.
  4. ________ Home brochure, agency disclosures, and/or info sheet.
  5. ________ A tent sign requesting registration over sign in sheet.
  6. ________ Turn on all lights in the house, including closets.
  7. ________ Have custom buyer packages made up to give them.
  8. ________ Have agent’s website set up on iPad or home’s computer
  9. ________ Open windows, French and sliding doors, if appropriate.
  10. ________ Close commode lids in the bathrooms.
  11. ________ If the home features very organized closets, open a few.
  12. ________ Make certain all hinged & sliding doors open easily.
  13. ________ Tune in soft music on same radio station in each room.
  14. ________ Verify that valuables have not been left in the open.
  15. ________ Kitchen sink and faucet must be spotless.
  16. ________ Set up marketing & area materials on a visible table.
  17. ________ Have a supply of city maps available.
  18. ________ Have a safety app on your smartphone.
  19. ________ A list of other homes for sale in the neighborhood.
  20. ________ Blank purchase agreements and disclosures.
  21. ________ Facts about the heating, ac, hot water heater, taxes.  
  22. ________ Refreshments, if giving, should be in the kitchen.

Real Estate Systems

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