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Real Estate Market Update – Real Estate Stats Dec 2014

 Real Estate Market Update December 2014

Real Estate Market Update

It’s Great Time To Buy!

Here is your market video with the most recent activity for the country! Please click the link above to view and contact me if you have any questions regarding your next real estate transaction I’d love to assist you with your real estate needs.

Real Estate Video Tips

2016 Easy Real Estate Business Plan – 2016 Bus Plan


2016 Easy Real Estate Business Plan







  1. NUMBER OF LISTINGS TAKEN FOR 2015: ______________________#



  1. #OF BUYER  SALES DURING 2015:     ______________________#



  1. # OF CLOSED LISTINGS DURING 2015: ______________________#



  1. # OF OUTGOING REFERRALS SENT 2015:  _____________________#



  1. COMMISSION INCOME FOR 2015:        $______________________




  1. Commission Income Objective:

(a)$____________ Comm. Income (2015)

(b)$____________Comm. Income (2016)


  1. Commission Income Increase:    

(a)$____________Amount of Increase

(b)____________%Percent of Increase


(Subtract 1 (a) from 1 (b).  Divide amount of increase shown in 2 (a) by the amount in 1 (a).  Convert this amount to a percentage by multiplying by 100.)


  1. 3. Listing Objective:           

_____________ Listings taken during 2015.

_____________Listings Taken during 2016.



  1. Sales Objective:                  

_____________Buyer controlled sales  2015

_____________Buyer controlled sales 2016



  1. Sides (Units) Objective:       

_____________# of Closed Sides 2015.

_____________# of Closed Sides 2016


  1. Referrals:

_____________# of Outgoing Referrals 2015.

_____________# of Outgoing Referrals 2016.



  1. 2016 Personal Goals:

(Do you want a new car? To take a trip? Own a boat? Join a Club? Take a cruise?)


TARGET DATE:   _______________________



  1. 2016 Career Goals:

(Do you want to be the top agent in your board? Earn the GRI or CRS designation? Be in the International President’s Circle? Start or Expand a Team? Be a Multi-Million Dollar Producer?)


TARGET DATE:  ________________________


  1. 2016 Personal Goals:

(Mind, Body, Spirit, Health)


TARGET DATE:  ________________________


10. Notes


Above is a 2016 real estate business plan that is quite simple to use. In fact it’s one of our easy business plans!

The Top Producer Group has many different business plans readily available to help you succeed in the year 2016 and above.

Some of the best business plans that I like are actual plans that help you complete the projects that will make you more money, create more relationships, get more referrals, and close more sales in the year 2016.

Visit our Real Estate Training site at “Top Pro Training” and look for our best business plan. This is a more hands check off your systems, get the work done, roll up your sleeves business plan that will help you get your systems in place or at the very least show you which systems you need to be concentrating on.

Many of these systems have taken top producers 20 and 30 years to get into place. If you would like to skyrocket to the top and get these systems in place with a team of professionals that work with top producers every day, simply schedule a free coaching call and will help you get to the top faster than you ever imagined.

Our entire top pro group wishes you the best year ever in 2016 both personally and professionally. Step one is to join out top pro group newsletter by subscribing to future posts. Simply enter your email address on the top of this website and press the blue subscribe button, today!.


 2016 Easy Real Estate Business Plan

2016 Bus Plan


Top Pro Training – The Top Producer Group

Agent Buying Package – In Order To Serve You Better

Agents, Add This To Your Buying Package Handouts

In Order To Serve You Better

I’d like to share with you some important information about our real estate relationship.

To help you achieve your goals, I can show you any home that is for sale in our Multiple Listing Service listed either by my company or another real estate company. I can show you homes in any New Home Community, and I can show you Short Sales, Foreclosures and homes listed For Sale by Owner.

The real estate commission is generally paid by the seller and is shared by the listing company, the listing agent, the selling company and the selling agent. I receive my share of the real estate commission after you have closed on your new home and I am paid on a contingency basis.

I will be delighted to represent you in the purchase of your home as a buyer’s agent or, if you purchase a home listed by my company, as a dual agent or transaction agent. At our first meeting, I will review with you the forms that disclose agency and further explain the relationship between you, the buyer, and me, your agent. At that time, I will have you sign an exclusive buyer’s agency agreement so that I may represent you and show you any home.
I am an independent contractor. Although I am associated with a real estate brokerage, I function as a self-employed businessperson. I am responsible for all of my own business expenses including automobile, gasoline, mobile phone, internet access, etc. I am not reimbursed by my company for any expenses. Instead, I am happy to bear them in anticipation of a successful sale.

For the above reasons, your loyalty to me is greatly appreciated. In working together, we will work as a team. I promise to give you 100% of my ability, resources, skills, and expertise in return for your loyalty.

Please rely on me exclusively. Call or e-mail me when you see a property that you wish to visit. If  I am not in the office, please leave me a voice mail message with the address of the property and I will return the call promptly. If you stop by an Open House, please give the on-site agent one of my business cards and tell him/her that I am assisting you with the search for your new home.

If you plan to stop by a New Home Community please email or call me.  Please read Working with Real Estate Agents disclosure from our state.  I can represent your interests in new home construction for no additional fee.

Together, we will be successful in finding you your perfect home!

Agent Buying Package – In Order To Serve You Better Handout


Important Disclaimer

Be sure you check with your local board, your state laws, and your real estate company before including this in your buyers package!

To request a PDF version for your buyer package Contact Us!

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