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Top Producer 8i Web Form Widget Sample


Top Producer 8i

Web Form Widget Sample


After many requests, my friends over at Top Producer CRM database have come out with a new web form for gathering leads. I tested it for you – our Top Pro Group. You’ll find it on the top right of Top Producer 8i. It’s called a Quick Lead Form. Here is what the Top Producer 8i widgets look like for WordPress.

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It is still a bit large but it does the job. When someone fills out the form it will send you, the real estate agent, a text alert to your phone, assuming you set that up. It also sends an email alert to your phone or desktop. I tested it and it works great. The lead alert is immediate, so that means better lead conversion!

I recommend this form if you have Top Producer because you can start an action follow up plan and create a rule to make the first email start a campaign. To you that means getting your systems automated. Set it and forget it like the top producers!


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Another Top Producer 8i Buyer Sample..


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The Top Producer newsletter let’s you add YOUR website to the top now too. It has lots of real estate stats, videos, & photos of you. You can custom create another one of these web forms to place a sign up form for the top producer newsletter. too!

Right now the only way to fit the widget in your sidebar is to make your WordPress sidebar 300px wide. Maybe if enough of us ask them to make the form smaller they will reduce the size. While I am a fan of Top Producer database automation I do not accept affiliate fees. You will need to contact them direct.


Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales


Do you want to take your business to the next level? This is just one of the many top pro secrets we have in store for you in the most comprehensive training and coaching in the real estate industry to get to the next level. 

Join our Top Pro Group Coaching and Training and kick up your the training you have already had to the next level. Once you get your systems in place you can begin to have a steady stream of income coming in and begin to enjoy life.  Does it take work?

Yes, in the beginning you will need to be committed to getting your systems in place. After that it is “set it and forget it”. Hire an admin to run the day to day while you focus on building relationships, selling homes, and helping customers create a better life with real estate. 


Become a Top Producer, Start Now


You can get to the next level using any database you have. Success takes hard work and we’ll help you every step of the way. Want to find out more? Take a moment right now to contact us. Select ‘schedule an appointment’ and choose a time when you are in front of the computer for a FREE tour; pick up a few Top Pro Secrets while you are at it.


I love Top Producer and while they send me monthly discounts to share with you, my Top Pro Group, I do not sell or accept affiliate fees. You will need to contact Top Producer 8i to purchase the database. Call Carol Mazur 973-310-4545 for more information.


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