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 “Be a Pro” in your real estate business without spending a fortune. Coach Carol Mazur offers affordable real estate coaching options giving EVERY agent access to personalized coaching. Our Integrity Rule ensures everything we share has been tested and proven to work by current top producers. For more details about our patented Top Pro Coaching and Be A Pro Real Estate Coaching call (973) 310-4545 and arrange a free coaching call 24/7, now.



What are the Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales in Real Estate?


Would you like to become a high-volume top producer with Top 10 systems for 50 sales? I’m Coach Carol Mazur and I’m owner and founder of Top Pro Training & Coaching. Real Estate top producers have their top 10 systems in place. You probably know what they all are and the question is, do you need them? So let’s start with step one in the Top Pro Center for 50 Sales.

Google your name. Now what comes up? If you were looking at your profiles from the perspective of a seller would you hire yourself? In our real estate training and coaching we spend ten steps on Goals, Google, and Keywords. This is to give you the inspiration you need to get started, figure out where you want to set your goals, work with your core values and create your profiles to match who you really are. When the public sees your marketing in line with your values there’s a certain truth which can’t be denied.

Are you throwing money away on leads because other agents have better follow up systems and have other agents claimed your farm? Are they mailing and knocking on doors and creating relationships in the neighborhood sometimes even the neighbors you’re living in? That’s why I have created real estate training in coaching course number two Sphere, getting referrals, farming and maximizing your relationships with contact management.

Have other agents learned to prospect and list for sale by owners and go on Craigslist and find leads, and are they taking your real estate leads before you even know what happened to them? I’ve created real estate training and coaching course number three which is prospecting, which is an art, and its easy to learn with working for sale by owners prospecting and finding for sale by owners on Craigslist.


Real Estate Coaching


Are you driving real estate buyers around like a chauffeur or like selling real estate like a professional Realtor? Number four, buyers, real estate lead generation and real estate lead conversion. Next did somebody fool you into thinking that top producers don’t work expired listings? Do you hear a lot of people telling you to only work your sphere? Most top producers work expired listings, diligently. Would you like to know what top producers use to get expired listings.

We’ll show you iPad presentations, marketing samples, everything to get you kicked up to the next level. Are you spending money on mailings, flyers, and ads while top pros snap up the real estate leads? This is a very simple fix and all different techniques of top producers are on the site. So in class 601 you’ll learn the ten steps to have for direct mail, online marketing, and IVR marketing, the voice response marketing messages. It’s one of the least expensive costs for the return of Leads. Top Pro Training is also real estate group coaching.

Are other agents communicating with your customers and friends on social media and getting back to their web sites and filling out their web forms instead of yours? If you have a very common name there are ways to have your LinkedIn profile come up first. We can show you how to market to LinkedIn groups, how to get more friends very quickly on Facebook, and how to direct message using Twitter so that you can be found.

Do you leave seller and buyer appointments saying gosh I wish I would have said that. I know I’ve done that so many times. I’m sure you have too. You think of it as you walk out the door yet when you are right in front of them you just get flustered and you can’t think of what to say. In course number eight in our real estate training and coaching center we’ll show you how to get price improvements with actual scripts from top producers and the top objections. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what the objections were going to be ahead a time?


The Systems of Top Producers


How many sales did your website/blog and email follow-up campaign bring in last year? This is why we created course number nine which is Websites, WordPress, Blogging, and email marketing, a very inexpensive yet effective way of getting referrals and new business. And last, do buyers and sellers find and watch your videos? Do your videos have links in them that direct customers back to your website?

We can definitely show you how you can make your videos appear to the public that you’re a very “tech savvy” agent and will want to hire you with YouTube video marketing and search engine optimization real estate course number ten. All ten steps and each course is available in the Top Pro Center for 50 Sales.
Go in and listen to these less than seven minute quick Actionar coaching videos. Click on the documents which top producers use, the samples, and quickly learn the systems. I have been a licensed real estate agent for 29 years, so everything is proven to work by top producers. It’s all designed to help agents like you reach high-volume quicker than ever.  

Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur


 *All real estate coaching & real estate training programs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Coach Carol Mazur – award winning real estate expert, published author, top rated sales training director on a company team that closed 3000 units annually, and success center trainer and coach to hundreds of real estate agents & brokers coaches agents to easily create 10 Top Systems for 50 sales™ to become top producers quickly.

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