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Is WordPress For Real Estate Agents?




Welcome top producers and future top producers this is Real Estate Coach Carol Mazur with today’s Actionar real estate coaching. Today I want to talk about why WordPress is awesome for real estate agents and why so many top producers are switching over to Word Press for Social Media Landing Pages and Blogging.

Today’s lead provider websites are awesome for real estate agents. Yet, in the words of Daniel Ramsey, these sites are like “renting” while WordPress Websites are like “Owning”. All of your organic traffic will disappear when you stop paying for the lead provider website unless you blog on your own site.

Some website builders have a condescending attitude towards real estate agents and their ability to manage a website. They say it is too hard for real estate agents to maintain the website. With WordPress updating itself automatically these days, I have found the complete opposite to be true.



Let’s say you want to automate your follow-up systems and just have someone sign up for your blog. You want them to receive your blog posts automatically every week. You want to see who those people are and keep them on a list and be able to send them other helpful items. WordPress has free plugins for landing pages, web forms & mailing list mailing lists.

Everything you need to put your offers on, whether they’re URLs on postcards directing them back to your website to start a relationship with the customer or whether you put ads on Craigslist, you can deliver everything you want to offer to the public on your website with an offer on all of your real estate flyers directly to your WordPress website.

You may have already paid twenty five hundred dollars for someone to build a WordPress site for you. Well, on Top Pro Training we negotiate so that you don’t have to pay twenty five hundred dollars (that a lot of our coaching clients are quoted). In our coaching we help you customize your affordable real estate website for buyer searches, seller offers, and social media sharing and blogging. Right now they’re under $399 dollars for regular self hosted WordPress websites and that includes our developer partners that install it for you which is awesome!


How Agents Use WordPress:
Helpful Buyer Offers in the form of PDFs or eBooks.
Important Seller Tips or Instant House Value
School Information
Local Events
Build Relationships
Free Lists of Foreclosures
Local Tax Information
Neighborhood Updates


You’ll need to customize your WordPress site to make it “your own”. Remember there is a lot of “do it yourself” to this, yet it is worth it when you see your core values shine through. It’s always going to be a bit do it yourself. If you don’t have time then you may prefer one of the top paid websites. If you want IDX installed on your WordPress website the installation is waved when you choose this vendor as well.

When you are ready to get to the next level with an advanced lead generation website, like those used by our amazing real estate top producer group, you can keep both websites for paid and free organic traffic. Simply direct your customers from social media to your wordpress site and then to your lead capture pages.

We’re very happy to refer you to the best vendors currently used by real estate top producers. Everything we introduce into our real estate coaching & training has been proven to work by top producers. So let’s get you to high-volume quickly with our patented Top 10 systems for 50 Sales. This one added skill could pay for your coaching for the entire year and we have plenty of easy next level real estate coaching tips for you. Sign up now for our Top Pro Group Newsletter and thank you for sharing!




Disclaimer: We do not accept affiliate fees at Top Pro Training. All discounts, fee wavers, & savings are passed onto our Top Pro Group. Anything introduced into our real estate coaching + real estate training systems must be proven to work by top producers. If you have a proven offer for our private mastermind group please contact us.
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Is WordPress For Real Estate Agents?

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  1. After many attempts with 3rd party real estate CRM sites, I finally decided to build a WordPress site last October. It’s been one of the best things I have done for my business. It’s the hub that I anchor all my social and content market material to. This article is very true. WordPress is an excellent resource for real estate agents.

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