Real Estate Coach – Real Estate’s Top Producer Coach

Why Real Estate’s Top Pro Coach?

Real Estate Coach – Real Estate’s Top Producer Coach

My parents were not business owners. No one took me under their wing, and no one mentored me. I had to learn to become successful in real estate on my own. Here is why I will help you become or remain a top producer and why I’m called the Top Pro Coach.

As an individual real estate salesperson without an assistant, I struggled. I would build my listing inventory up to 50 listings and more, only to have the market collapse. Looking back, I can see it was not entirely the economy’s or the market’s fault.
My brokers in charge and managers were wonderful. They shared important safety practices which were very helpful. Each manager had a different idea of how to become a top producing Realtor®. Half would tell me to call every stranger in town, while the other half told me to only do business with people that know, like, and trust me. It was confusing.
Throughout my 25 year career I implemented training from various real estate coaches. Each time I threw out my old real estate systems and began implementing new ones. I had spent thousands of dollars on new training, and still I was stuck in a vicious up and down sales cycle.
One day, I found some audios with business building exercises that changed my life. I stopped focusing on what does not work. I stopped throwing out my old real estate coaching systems. Instead, I improved what I already had. I set goals, achieved them, and then set bigger goals by adding additional systems to get to the next level. Success followed.
That’s what it took.  The key to my success began with a simple decision to become successful. The decision itself seemed to get me laser focused on achieving my real estate goals. The hard work it took after that became easy, effortless, and yes enjoyable. Struggling was replaced with inspiration.
Determined to help fellow Realtors® reach their personal & business income goals faster, I volunteered to train agents at the local board of Realtors®. I practiced public speaking in front of real estate agents. Though difficult at first, each presentation became a little easier. 
To perfect my skills as a real estate coach, I went to college at night, while working full time in real estate. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with an AS degree in Education. My new life’s work of strategic real estate coach to help agents learn the systems of top producers began. I was on a mission.

Real Estate Coaching Success

My husband and I moved to Wilmington, NC where I accepted a job as a Sales Training Director on a large company team. The owner asked me to start a “Success Center” to train & coach 300+ real estate agents and brokers to become top producers. It worked.
Our agents joined the ranks of the best of the best for the first time. We formed a top producer real estate coaching group after graduation where each agent participating averaged 9 units in 8 weeks. Next a wonderful thing happened.

Top Producer Group Mastermind

The top producers in our mastermind began sharing detailed top pro secrets for success with the newer agents. Our company, as a team, quickly jumped from #13 in the nation to the #4 Coldwell Banker Affiliate in the US, in closed units, in the 100-500 agent category. [This at a time when real estate companies across the nation were folding, agents were leaving the industry, and top teams were shaking their heads in shock from the housing market].

Real Estate Coaching Results

 We held the winning ticket. The owner’s vision of a Success Center had indeed materialized. Our companyresults were 34% higher in closed units than the local MLS statistics.

Soon, managers began requesting business plans and coaching materials to share with their agents. Our northern manager requested Mike Ferry coaching materials. Our southern locations requested Rick DeLuca Coaching. Our main location manager requested Ninja Training, and another manager requested we teach Buffini. Life was good.

And then it happened. One day I was asked to introduce real estate coaching & training with stale ideas from 30 years ago. It sounded familiar to me, “out with the old and in with the new”. To teach this system it would be necessary to break the promise I had made to myself and to the agents, to introduce only proven training that works.

We were selling half a billion dollars annually and our company team was closing over 3000 units a year. The agents were implementing ALL of the education, training, and real estate coaching into their business plans.

 I knew I could not limit the agents to one worn out system. Top producers had systems for EVERYTHING. So with my promise to the agents unbroken and my 95% approval rating in hand, I left the company. It was one of the darkest days of my life.
Soon, with a little help from above, “The Top Producer Group” was born. Today we coach and train agents to become top producers one easy step at a time with proven Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales in real estate. We are able to help thousands of agents build  real estate lead generating and lead conversion marketing systems – with the best real estate coaching and training available. In fact, now I’m known as the Top Pro Coach.

Real Estate Coaching That Works!

You can access coaching tools used by the best marketers and Realtors® in the world when you join our private Top Pro Group. There are no ninety-minute webinars that put you to sleep in our education center. I share only the most important points live AND add 1 – 7 minute ACTIONAR® videos so you can grow at your own pace and live next level coaching calls with one on one workshops right on the phone to make technology easy!

Do you want to easily beome a generous, caring, highly paid real estate professional like the amazing agents in our top pro group like Allan doing $200,000 a year and Rick who took take 120 listings while running a successful business? Do you want to effortlessly gain the highest respect in the industry? Do you want to relax and have the freedom to enjoy life once your systems are on autopilot? Are you willing to work hard for a while to get to the next level? Do what I did. It works.

Choose to stop struggling. Simply DECIDE to live the life of your dreams. Acquire the right tools and a successful mindset. I promise to make it EASY for you with our Top 10 Systems for 50 Sales™ and our technology tools. All Top 10 real estate business courses are included in our real estate coaching so that you can access them step by step and also as you need them!

The first step to adding 50 more sales is to join our Top Pro Group. Click or tap our CONTACT page to schedule a FREE 15 minute coaching chat to get you to the next level or call 973-310-4545 to leave a message 24 hours a day for more information. Start getting the systems you know you need in place. Become a high volume top producer, join us and start today! 


“Thanks, the best real estate coachtestimonials!”  

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“One of “the” best things that Coldwell Banker Sea Coast did was hire Carol. She brings a special energy and expertise that cannot be matched. As our training director she helped hundreds of agents be the best they could be. She takes her time with each one and works with their strengths and weaknesses. We are truly lucky to have her here.  Alex Paen Managing Broker – CBSCA

Coach Carol Mazur – real estate coach, published author, top rated real estate coaching, training, & education director of a company team that closed 3000+ units a year, coaches agents & brokers to implement the Top 10 Systems of Top Producers™.

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Real Estate Coach – Real Estate’s Top Producer Coach


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